CSR Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible information and communications technology (“ICT”) and media service provider that delivers an excellent customer experience while supporting and connecting the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilise our services to empower, connect and transform communities and businesses by:
  • minimising the environmental impacts of our business, and helping our customers to do the same through our products and services;
  • valuing and developing our talented team;
  • promoting CSR principles throughout our operations and supply chain;
  • pioneering products and services that make people live better and help businesses thrive; and
  • addressing and responding to the needs and concerns of communities through social partnerships, thereby making them a better place to live in.

Our Focus Areas

We seek to utilise our expertise and core competencies to focus on the following specific objectives:

  • Community – equipping students and youth with skills and resources to excel in the digital age, while also connecting elderly members of the community with technologies that promote active and smart aging;
  • Environment – incorporating environmentally friendly considerations into sustainable business operations (such as recycling of copper and other scrap materials and proper disposal of used mobile phones) and transforming customer lifestyles; and
  • People - positioning ourselves as an Employer of Choice with a view to attracting and retaining talented individuals to sustain a diverse and vibrant workforce.

Our CSR Management Approach

CSR Policy

The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy ("CSR Policy") is to ensure that the Group consistently operates in a responsible manner. This Policy promotes socially responsible conduct by integrating CSR management best practices and processes and outlining CSR related risks within our daily operations.

The CSR Policy applies to all directors, officers and employees of the Group. Our vendors, contractors, subcontractors and business partners are encouraged to adopt the CSR Policy as best practice guidance for their own operations.

CSR Committee

CSR Committee reviews the Company’s CSR strategy and policies, sets guidance and direction of and oversees CSR practices and procedures. The CSR Committee reports to the Executive Committee which operates as a general management committee with overall delegated authority from the Board of Directors.